VERGO Engineering Est. is another member of SAGE International in the U.A.E.  VERGO was established in 1988 as a specialist company catering the requirements of the petroleum and construction industry in the U.A.E.  VERGO, with its history of service excellence, has evolved through the past decade into a market leading engineering group of companies, incorporating a variety of businesses that are active in the entire U.A.E and beyond.

As such, VERGO has gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability in the field of electro-mechanical projects. The Company has a 100% record of completion on time and within fixed budgets with quality workmanship of the highest standard.

VERGO Trading Division has played a vital role in the development of the entire U.A.E market by providing a specialized supply of products and services to various oil companies, government departments and the private sector.

Our plumbing division, a vital group within the company, offers complete installations and subsequent maintenance of drainage, water supply and fire fighting systems. The division has well qualified engineers and is efficiently supported by a team of experienced technicians.

VERGO’s main fields of activity include:

  • Commercial & Industrial Electrical Installations. 

  • Large scale industrial Air Conditioning.

  • Outdoor Lighting & Landscaping Projects.

  • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting.

  • Projects from the municipal sector of any size.

  • Supply of all kinds of building material.

Our main asset is our team of superb technicians who specialize in all types of construction projects related to the list stated above.  Our electrical and A/C division is capable of in-house designs; installations and maintenance of all types of electro-mechanical systems.  Our design and field engineers are efficiently supported by a group of equally skilled technicians.

VERGO’s capabilities cover all disciplines within electrical engineering, industrial HV & LV. The list of clients includes: ADDC, Etisalat, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Civil Defence and the Abu Dhabi Municipality.  We have completed villas and palaces for the Royal family and long list of distinguished private projects.

VERGO’s other fields of activity include:

  • Chemicals Products: Additives, Improvements, Water Treatment, Laboratory Equipment, anticorrosion material, catalyst, pigment, basic organic and inorganic material, resins surface active agent.

  • Coating and Restoration services.

  • Wire Line Equipment.

  • Stabilizers. 

  • Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Kelly. 

  • Tubular: Casing, Tubing, Line Pipes. 

  • Pumps: High Pressure, Centrifugal, Displacement. 

  • Instrumentation And Control Systems. 

  • Valves: Control, Relief, Gate, Butterfly, Check, Solenoid. 

  • Lab Equipment, Analyzers, Test Equipments. 

  • Welding Equipments And Electrodes. 

  • Steel Products: Pipes, Tubes, Rolled Steel, Beams, Iron Sections Drawn Metals,   Sheets Steel Gratings, Wire Netting, Steel Bleaching Plates. 

  • Plumbing, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Taps, Valves, Pumps 

  • Industrial Supplies: Signs & Ladders.

  • Miscellaneous Tools, Test Instruments, Painting, Grinding, Trimming, Welding, Lubrication, Adhesives, Pneumatic Tools, Imperviousness, Bolts And Nuts, Pipe Fittings, Couplings, Clamps. 

  • Electricity: Motors, Wires And Cables, Ties, Junctions, Explosion Proof Material, Switch Board And Lockers, Connection, Transformers, Contactors, Relays, Chargers, Flash Lights, Lamps, Test Instruments, Ventilation, Insulating Tapes, Electronic Components. 

  • Hardware Store, Washing Products, Industrial Detergents 

  • Fire alarm & fire fighting 

  • Outdoor & landscaping projects 

  • Bolt and nuts 

  • Industrial X-Ray 

  • Test equipment (for laboratory like Viscosity Bath, Water baths, etc.) 

  • multi gas monitor

  • solenoid valve 

  • thickness gauge

  • thermocouple




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