SAGE International has been active in the UAE for 35 years. Servicing international Business Establishments while offering quality professional solution  for  large  and  medium  size  projects.

VERGO Engineering Est.


Material Supply

  • Gas & Steam Turbines Services.

  • Generator & Spares, Supply & Services.

  • Turbo Alternating & Spares Supply & Services.

  • All Kinds of Rotating Equipments Supply & Services

  • Supply of all Kinds of Tools

  • Supply of all Kinds of Environmental Instruments.

  • Supply all kinds of Fittings with different alloys & Dimensions.

  • Supply of all Piping Materials with Different alloys & Dimensions.

  • Supply of Biological Materials for  Sewage Water Treatment.

  • Supply of Oil & Grease Separators & Boiler Feed Water Treatment Services

  • Supply all kinds of Building Materials.

  • Supply all kinds of Cable Low & Medium Voltage.        (Fire resistance & resistance Cables)







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